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Enhance Your Playing with Proper Guitar Strumming

You may think strumming a guitar looks easy, but you would be only partially right. It is simple enough to brush your fingers across a guitar's strings, but that will not produce great-sounding music. You have to learn the proper technique to make beautiful music. Become a skilled musician with instruction in guitar strumming.

QuickStartGuitar offers a book series that teaches beginners everything they need to know to build guitar-playing skills. The best guitarists know that certain chords make their guitars sing, and the music they play sounds incredible. Our books for beginners include easy-to-understand lessons about common guitar chords. Once we teach you how to hit the right chords through guitar strumming, you will also learn how to change from chord to chord. If you sing and play the guitar simultaneously, we help you understand the importance of transposing music into a key that fits your vocal range.

In addition to our book series by Chris Lopez, we will soon offer the "On Stage" Guitar Book that teaches you how to play scales patterns over chord progressions. Reach out to us for instructional manuals that improve your guitar strumming technique.

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Choose from The “First Stage” Guitar Book or The “First Stage” Guitar Chord Chart to start learning to play the guitar today! Coming soon is The “On Stage” Guitar Book, where you’ll learn how to play scale patterns over different chord progressions. Contact us today to learn more!

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The "On Stage" Guitar Book
Learn How To Play Scales Patterns Over Chord Progressions