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You think it would be cool to play the guitar, but you may not know one note from another. Whether you do not have time or money for scheduled music lessons, there is an alternative. Guitarist Chris Lopez of QuickStartGuitar offers beginners a series of books to get you started. Teach yourself to play guitar in Torrance, CA, with his instructional manuals.

The best musicians make it look simple, but playing the guitar is not easy. However, Chris uses easy-to-understand language to explain the process and motivate you to achieve your guitar-playing goals. His book series offers comprehensive instruction, including learning the proper positioning of your fingers for effective guitar strumming. You can also learn how to play scale patterns and tabs. Chris will also teach you how to play common guitar chords and help you understand the importance of changing from chord to chord seamlessly.

Are you a singer, too? Learn how to transpose music to a key that best suits your voice.

Soon you'll be able to enhance your music education with Chris' new offering. The "On Stage" guitar book teaches you how to play scales patterns over chord progressions. Reach out to him to learn more about all his books.

The "On Stage" Guitar Book
Learn How To Play Scales Patterns Over Chord Progressions

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Order copies of our guitar lesson books for beginners today. They’ll help you learn how to play easily with lessons designed to be picked up quickly. Our books offer the best way to start learning to play guitar, whether you’re a beginner or someone who hasn’t picked up a guitar in years.

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