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Learn the Importance of Common Guitar Chords

The best guitar players had to start somewhere. If you want to build or sharpen your guitar-playing skills, you need to work at it. There is more to the process of learning to play the guitar than picking up the instrument and plucking the strings. It will be better for you if you practice based on proven techniques. QuickStartGuitar can teach you how to strike and use common guitar chords.

Changing from one chord to another is harder than it looks. Even the most accomplished professional musicians will tell you that it takes years of practice and experience to achieve the right sound. Finger movement is a major component of hitting and holding a chord. We offer beginning players of all ages instructional books that teach you guitar strumming.

Clear and concise instructions are what set our music books apart from others. We make it easy to learn how to play all music genres on a guitar. Our manuals also teach you how to transpose songs so that they fit your voice's key if you also sing. Contact us for the tools you need to become an accomplished guitarist.

Back Cover of The "First Stage" Guitar Book
The "Guitar Book"

Back Cover of The "First Stage" Guitar Chord Chart

Back Cover of The First Stage Guitar Book and The Guitar Book Back Cover of The First Stage Guitar Chord Chart

The "On Stage" Guitar Book
Learn How To Play Scales Patterns Over Chord Progressions

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QuickStartGuitar.com is proud to share The Guitar Book Series by Chris Lopez, created for people of all ages who want to take their first steps in learning how to play the guitar. Titles include The “First Stage” Guitar Book and its companions, The “Next Stage” Guitar Book and The “First Stage” Guitar Chord Chart. Guitar players in Los Angeles and all over the world will be able to apply their guitar-playing skills for all styles of music, whether it is rock ‘n’ roll, jazz, blues, folk, pop, or a genre of your own. You’ll also learn how to transpose your favorite songs to fit the key best suitable for your voice. These books present relevant information in simple ways, allowing you to easily absorb the information presented to you. You will then find that the skills come naturally and the learning process is simple and easy to understand. The “First Stage” Guitar Book is made to learn to play guitar on acoustic, electrical, classical, 12-string, and bass guitars.

Our guitar books are designed for aspiring guitarists of all ages to learn to play quickly with less reading using an easy “see and do” approach. You’ll learn chord combinations and the all-essential “CHROMATIC SCALE” as you further your playing skills. You’ll also learn easy fingering shapes and how to transpose chord progressions that are comfortable for your voice. Don’t waste time searching the Internet when everything you need to get started is easily available right here for you. The “First Stage” Guitar Book and accompanying titles offer the best way to learn to play guitar!

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